[scribus] Solving Language Issues

Kunda Loves Scribus scribus.user at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 11:59:58 UTC 2015

> > > I mean Scribus use QT, Qt has a very developed input method. So,
instead we use a secondary solutions for input (time for RTL (Arabic and
Hebrew) and time for Cjk (Chinese and Japanese)), we must use already input
method of Qt.

> > Input method and stuff like glyphs shaping, cursor positioning, and
selection are not exactly the same thing, aren't they?

> No, Input-Method only concerns input of characters. Scribus already
supports that in Story Editor (plus shaping and selection by Qt).
> For canvas and print you need a different component that does the glyph

So to sum up so far: utilizing Qt Input method as a strategy to fix RTL and
CJK is _not_ the solution ?

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