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> Lightzone seems to be pretty much like Darktable, which I use. Good idea 
> to try such a tool. You mean, adjusting the black and white levels AFTER 
> scanning with standard settings is ok?
> Rolf

I have scanned old family photos for web quality not for print quality.
I use xsane and scan 1200dpi for small, sharp b&w photos, 600dpi for other b&w photos and for sharp color photos 4x6 or less, and 300dpi otherwise. In xsane, I select the area of the photo and adjust the color levels (usually the auto adjustment is good enough). I try to crop the outer border completely to avoid distorting the color levels.
Then I make a copy and retouch the copy in gimp.
I try to get good black and white levels on the scan to capture as much information as possible, and then I adjust the middle levels in gimp.
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