[scribus] Bleed on double-sided document only once?

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen at t-online.de
Mon Jan 12 07:44:15 UTC 2015

That was the hint I needed, I'll answer here and not to your German text:

>> Make a document with bleed area of equal thickness of 3 mm on every side of
>> paper. You´ll most definitely have bleed overlapping this way.
> Yes, with horizontal gap = 0 mm.

And when I change to 10 mm for instance, I can clearly see the bleed. 
Didn't know this setting, thanks for pointing me to it!

>> If you
>> increase horizontal gap to 3 mm there should be enough space for bleed to
>> really fit between two facing pages, I guess.
> The gap must be 6 mm (3 mm bleed for left and the same for right).
> The problem with a horizontal gap > 0 is that you can no longer correctly
> place frames which shall appear on left and right page.

Ok, and another workaround could be to insert the same picture twice, 
one showing the part for the left and one for the right page. Shouldn't 
we be able to adjust their X and Y coordinates fine enough to ensure the 
motive looks good when stretching over two pages? The only uncertainty 
would seem to know how many mm the printer really cuts away and how 
"deep" the middle of the picture will dive in between the two sheets of 

Setting the displayed gap back to 0 might help visualize the result. I 
will experiment with it...


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