[scribus] Bleed on double-sided document only once?

Vladimir Savic vladimir.firefly.savic at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 19:37:20 UTC 2015

> If it reacted like this, there would be no overlapping like I saw it.
> Anyway, I thought I could simply regard the last few millimeters of the
> right page as bleed even though they are not shown as a bleed. It does
> confuse me, however, especially when I have to show photos reaching over
> the double page: What can be seen of it afterwards?

Huh! This is confusing. Now I´m not even sure I understand what the problem
is. :/ We might be better switching off-list for sending mails with
screenshots. Or you could send me only screenshots off-list...

 That doesn't help because everything is switched on already. I'll try to
> attach a small screenshot, hope it gets through on the list.

I was talking about increasing horizontal gap between pages in order to
force bleed areas appear without overlapping.

I´ll try explaining in words, but I am far from being profound in English
Make a document with bleed area of equal thickness of 3 mm on every side of
paper. You´ll most definitely have bleed overlapping this way. If you
increase horizontal gap to 3 mm there should be enough space for bleed to
really fit between two facing pages, I guess.

Hope this helps,
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