[scribus] Painted myself into a corner.

admfubar at gmail.com admfubar at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 19:34:24 UTC 2015

The usual recommendation is to work by chapter. Your best solution is to separate the text into chapters with LibreOffice.

On Sun, 22 Feb 2015 13:15:24 -0500, John Culleton <John at wexfordpress.com> wrote:

> I wanted to massage the customer's book in  Scribus 1.4.5. So I loaded his doc file into  Libre office and created an odf file. I created a  Scribus file  in the right size and withabout  250 pages, linked. I loaded the odf file via the  text editor. Now I have the text in scribus. I  began inserting frame/page breaks via the text  editor. Problem is it runsslower  than molasses in February. It is trying to edit all 250 pages  at once. So I would like to separate the pages I  have already marked with a page break  (control/return) fromthe link  string, either  from the front end or the back end. But Scribus  then treats the first page as having all the text  and a huge overflow.  How do I separate some pages fromthe link> string yet retain just their current contents?

> If that is a bridge too far how do I separate  pages into reasonable subsets using Libris  writer?

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