[scribus] Scribus book review, first impressions.

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Fri Feb 13 06:05:52 UTC 2015

> one OS to work with. My take is that he only
> encountered Scribus to write a book about it.

My view is that today far to many people write books about "what I have
learned when trying this" instead of "what you should know about xxxxx".

This is true also about many tutorials and howtos, often they just try to
list the steps the author went through (usually missing a few steps and
doing things more complicated than necessary). I use Debian a lot and when
I find tutorials they very often contain "non-debian" ways of customizing
the configuration when the README.Debian tells you how you should do it in
the Debian way.

I've read tutorials that were several pages long, when all that was needed
was an apt-get install followed by creating a small configuration file with
a couple of macros defined (setting up exim4 as mail server for a domain is
a good example).

(I think /usr/share/doc/<package name> is a place where every Debian user
should start looking when they want to change a configuration.)

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