[scribus] massive slowdown - typing int text boxes

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Tue Feb 10 06:12:14 UTC 2015

> With last night's 1.5.0 and on a page not linked
> to others activating the story editor can take
> half a minute. This is text taken from another
> document. The other document is 208 pages and I
> have allowed for 300 pages because the Scribus
> version is  on a smaller page dimension.
> Right now there are no graphics, just pure text.
> I can't live with this slowness. I will
> start all over with 1.4.5.
> I understand that 1.5.0 is a work in progress.
> But if/when the slowness is cured it would be nice
> if someone would post a notice to that effect.

John - nothing’s changed in 1.5.0 in the last days or probably weeks that would cause any change like this that you describe with ”last night’s” SVN.

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