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>> The German forum, that is linked in the wiki is the one, that I am member of. Unfortunately, the company, that provides it, doesn't really care, we have been asking, if they could name someone to look after the forum, because there are many bots login in and just copy and past threads ... Some members have send e-mails to the provider. That didn't help. I even rang them. They were very short on the phone, saying they will have a look over it, which they didn?t.
> Which one is that? Its not a Scribus owned forum in that case. We don?t have published phone numbers. Don?t use that experience as related to Scribus.
> Craig
It's http://www.scribus-forum.de/
To act within German law you have to give an "Impressum" with your 
adress, e-mail and phone-number. If you don't do so, you can easily be 
getting in truble.

The forum was small with only few aktiv but regular members. But as I 
explained before, the provider didn't really look after it.

> Hallo Anke,
> Yes, much of the German Wiki translation is outdated. It's the same with other language versions, including English. Maybe we should do a major cleanup and tag all outdated docs as such or update them. However, the Wiki is mostly a forum for user contributions. There is no "Wiki Team" as anyone can contribute, but you need to have an account. Once you are registered, feel free to update any document you wish to.
> Regarding questions, there is this mailing list where people can also ask questions in German and many other languages.
> You also mentioned the online manual in the Wiki. Guess what? It's outdated as well. The original idea was to add the online docs to the wiki and create automated updates from svn. Somehow this never happened for reasons unknown. Maybe we should remove the stuff as well.
> As for the tutorial: There is a much better one in Scribus itself AND it has been translated to German. Moreover, I'm currently working with an external contributor on a complete German translation of the Online Manual, which includes many improvements that will also be added to the English original.
> Beste Gr??e
> Christoph
So let's sum up:

  * There is wiki in English which is outdated
  * there is a German wiki which is even more outdated
  * there is a support-forum which is in English language, but some
    people know German or are germans
  * there is a mailing list, which is in English language, but if you
    don't know English you have the oppertunity to write German, too.
  * I had a look in my scribus 1.4.2 (Ubuntu 14.04) there is a German
    tutorial, but it is the one I find on the wiki form 2006 which
    explains the use of scribus 1.3.3

So there are possibilities around, if you know where to find them, but 
if you don't know English and you are not familiar with the internet, 
you will never find out about it.
Imagine, you are looking for some support for a certain software and you 
only find an italian supportforum. Would you bother trying to read, 
though you don't know any italian?

I believe, there would be more interest and a larger community, if there 
was a bigger variety of pages in different languages. You can allays 
bild a network like a linklist for every external page, forum or blog, 
that supports scribus. You can allays make a rule like every page needs 
to list all other pages, if it wants to be part of the network for example.

When I see that wiki, it puts me off, because there is so much to be 
done, and it looks like, I would have to tidy it up all alone. And it is 
work for a Ione warrior, guess I'm not the only one that thinks that 
way, otherwise, the translations and wikis of the other languages would 
be better maintained.

I do have a little course, that I wrote for scribus and that I publish 
over my buisnesshomepage. The people, that buy that course are most of 
the time elderly people, that use scribus for there hobby, or they want 
to write a little "Vereinszeitung" or "Gemeindebrief". Most of them 
don't speak any English, but they have the time and interest to learn 
scribus and they know, they can allays ask. But they would never sign 
into a mailing list or register to a forum that is not written in their 
native language.



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