[scribus] New German Scribus Community

Ullmann d.o.o. enter at ullmann.hr
Sun Feb 1 12:36:11 UTC 2015

Hello Anke.

Why do you want to fragment the Scribus community?
There is already an existing Scribus forum and it shouldn't be difficult to 
add a German speaking forum there as well.

I think it's better to keep (and bring) people in the existing Scribus forum 
as the Scribus community is small anyway. 

Winterly greetings


Am Sonntag 01 Februar 2015, 09:51:50 schrieb Gimp-Werkstatt:
> Hi,
> Yesterday we startet off with a new supportforum for Scribus. You'll
> find it at http://www.scribus-user/forum
> It's purpose is to support and discuss the use of scribus and methods of
> dtp. We also want to put up some tutorials in german language and
> provide some ressources.
> I'm also planning to set up a homepage for scribus with information
> about desktop-publishing, installing methods, the development of
> scribus, and of course, links to all important pages round about
> scribus. It would be great, if you could name some the most importend
> pages around scribus. Of couse, if you have a homepage, blog or ...
> about scribus or desktop publishing, I'll be happy to link it, too.
> Because the forum is still very empty, I wanted to ask GarryP if he
> would give me the permission to translate some of his great tutorials
> from the wiki. Unfortunately, I can't get in contact with him. As the
> forum he writes in (http://forums.scribus.net/index.php), didn't accept
> my registry until now. Maybe somebody on this list could help me,
> getting in contact with him.
> Of course, we are very greatful for backlinks from you, too.
> Yours Anke Lange

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