[scribus] EXIF and IPTC metadata inside jpeg-export

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Fri Dec 18 16:56:56 UTC 2015

Dear List,

to help with literacy in our part of Africa, we are creating proverbs in
Scribus. Those are tiny "pictures", consisting of one sentence in a
local language (maybe with some nice shading or whatever) plus one
"clipart"-style illustration to go with the subject of the proverb plus
a nice coloured backdrop.

These we are exporting to jpeg-format (400 x 400 px) and then we release
them into the wild via WhatsApp and possibly other messengers like
Telegram. Our customers have smartphones, but not often computers.

So please do not shout about exporting to jpeg, that is part of the
concept. (Yes, normally it is export to PDF and is going to a commercial
print shop, but that is old style, we are trying new style too.)

Here is my question: We can add metadata to our Scribus files under
document properties. Some of those get exported into PDF output. But
nothing gets into a jpeg. Not a complaint, just stating.

Now I am looking please for a simple way to help my team of young
Africans, to put the needed metadata into our jpeg-proverbs. I am
willing to write a script for Scribus, if you help me with pointers please.

I have found command-line tools to edit metadata of existing jpeg
bitmaps, but those are not appropriate for my team.

Any other tools (with a GUI) that you know for Linux for editing
metadata in bitmaps?

Why do we want to put metadata into our bitmaps? Because we are using
some illustrations under Creative Commons licenses and other free stuff.
And mostly we are obliged (and we want) to add such information. But
since our bitmaps are only 400 x 400 pixels, it is impossible to render
so much text in a margin, so we need to use the metadata slots, like
EXIF, IPTC or even XMP.

Thank for your input,


If you send me your phone number, I will WhatsApp an example to you. My
number is +229 974462 (add nine-five as final digits after all that).

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