[scribus] Long documents

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Thu Dec 17 15:01:47 UTC 2015

Le 17/12/2015 15:20, William Adams a écrit :
> Breaking up long documents and concatenating them --- the traditional way
> to do this in graphical programs is to use the native file format for
> chapter-length chunks and then have a higher-level format, a ``book'' file
> which contains multiple files and which may be manipulated as a whole ---
> this has been done since early PageMaker days.

I've created the begining of a project or book manager with some linux shell tools
that manage a set of SLA files to create a single book, magazine.

It can also be envisionned as a modell
for a future possible C++ ``project`` or ``book`` manager.

It includes sla and pdf format checks and editing to satisfy a choosen format.
Usiong the various tools,
it can check
whether page sizes do all conform to the expectation or whether color profile is ok (with option to correct it)
whether all fonts are either embeded or vectorized,
whether all images are in images/ subfolder


It needs much work to be easily tweakable to fit any project
but it allready provides some low level tools that can be parametrized
to fit any project... as long as you got basic shell scripting abilities.

I'd be glad when other programmers would fork it and make it more powerfull
or would port it to C++ so it can more easily be used on other platforms...

First step would be to decide a project config file format
so as to have it in a separate file.


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