[scribus] Replace imported styles?

Helios De Rosario helios.derosario at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 21:37:18 UTC 2015

Hi all, I'm using scribus 1.4.5 for Windows, and have got a problem
with imported styles, perhaps somebody here could help me. The
situation is like this:

I'm working in an ODT document (edited in LibreOffice) with paragraph
styles "foo", "bar", etc., and want to import it (with the styles)
into a Scribus document. However, the imported styles in Scribus look
a bit different from LibreOffice. Now, I created styles in Scribus
with the same names as in the ODT document, but with the format that I
really wanted. My purpose was replacing the original ODT styles by the
new ones of the Scribus document... but I don't find a smart way of
doing this.

I can do it manually, i.e. import the document without merging the
style names; then I've got a list with the styles of *both* the ODT
file and the ones that I created in Scribus, so that I can delete the
ODT sytles one by one, and in the dialog that pops up tell that I want
to replace them by the Scribus styles.

This works, but it is a bit tedious if I have to do it many times.
(The context is that I am editing a journal with several texts that
are contributed by the authors, who use an ODT template with the
styles. So I have to repeat this operation for each individual text.)

Does anybody know a way to do this automatically, or an alternative
solution? I wouldn't have problems in writing a script in Python, if
that makes life easier. But I have not found any pointer telling how
to manage styles by scripting (except for creating new styles).

Thanks in advance,
Helios De Rosario

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