[scribus] Making a large poster out of smaller sheets of paper

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Apr 27 05:45:33 UTC 2015

> the original question got a bit lost: it's about marking the single
> prints so that it's easy to put them together again...
AND also to do it using the PDF format for both input and output.

There are dozens of programs out there that can do it on a bitmap image,
but not as many as can do it with PDF or postscript.

Some of the ones that do it with postscript will duplicate the whole
content for each page and place a small "window" on top of it (which will
multiply the files size with the number of tiles). A better solution (which
I think the PDF format can support) would be to use different small windows
on top of just one copy of the content. But I'm not fluent enough in the
PDF format or programming to make such a tool. I'm not sure if any of the
suggested tools that can do it, but pdfposter looks promising.

Adding crop marks or registration marks to faciliate joining the tiles
would probably be easy (I've once written an imposition script in perl for
postscript, and just used perl to insert fold marks and signature numbers
into the postscript).

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