[scribus] Auto Page Numbering with master pages

Barry McKenna bmcken at pobox.com
Sun Apr 26 22:40:16 UTC 2015

Ale, and Greg, what I was trying to make clear is that "Automatic Page 
Numbering [was] not working for me".

I'm using the key combo.

That's was the primary question.

Now, I had no clue about the "special" character for the page number 
that will appear in the page number frame.

Scribus book, p139:

"Create a master page for left and right, and add a text frame with 
placeholders for the page number (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P). Then apply these 
page [master pages] to all pages in your document."

Ok, now I understand more about the process:

When creating the master page with the page number text frame, the 
cursor needs to be placed in the page number text frame of each master 
page, and with the cursor in that master page number frame, apply the 
key combo.

Test doc shows that this works. Thanks.

Twenty five years of computer use and programming in a few languages 
still reveals me to be one of the last to interpret many coding 
instructions properly, if they are not spelled out in each detail.

That's me.

If the book had added another sentence, or if the help had added another 
sentence, to indicate that the cursor/key combo needs to be applied into 
each master page text frame for page numbers, I MIGHT have understood.

Thanks for the clarification, and thanks again for all of these years 
you have all devoted to Scribus, a most valuable tool.


On 4/26/2015 6:49 AM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> On 04/26/2015 04:31 AM, ale rimoldi wrote:
>> hi barry
>>> Automatic Page Numbering is not working for me (I've never tried it
>>> over the 10 years of Scribus use, many thanks), either with
>>> Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P, or changed to another combo.
>>> I have right and left Master Pages with only page number frames,
>>> applied successfully to a document with thebottomcorner text frame
>>> showing on each document page, with the "#" inserted as the page
>>> number placeholder, as I have read in numerous sources.
>>> The "Section" was already set up, I only changed the "Name" from "0"
>>> to "Main text."
>>> Intuitively, it seems that "something" should be selected before
>>> applying a key combo, but Scribus and DTP is another culture, so I
>>> don'tknow how to conceptualize that...
>>> I searched and only found the exact same description, as above,
>>> except for suggestions to change the key combo, if it doesn't work
>>> (apparently for some or more), but my searching has never come across
>>> another page number key combo that DID work.
>>> Now, I see that "manual" use of Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P, clicked into a
>>> suitable frame in another test doc, does insert the correct page
>>> numbers.
>>> It also seems that the scheme for requiring the "#" inserted as the
>>> page number placeholder is not required in the manual use of
>>> Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P, as it just remains there.
>>> So, now I wonder about how to use the "#" or not, with Automatic Page
>>> Numbering.
>>> A Menu Item for "Insert/Page Numbers" might be intuitively helpful?
>> insert > character > page number
>> and having a keyboard shortcut seems a bit meaningless to me, since this
>> is a function most people use very rarely (once or twice per document?)
>> and it's easier to go to the navigation rather than remembering that
>> over complicated shortcut.
>> the page number has to be inserted in a text frame.
>> the # is shown in a master page, on a normal page you will see
>> the current page number.
>> but i have to admit that -- up to the menu item thing -- i did not
>> really understand what your question is...
> Not sure either, but maybe there is a misunderstanding about this '#'. 
> The is not a normal '#' such as you might type from the keyboard. This 
> appears on the Master Page to show that you have entered the special 
> page numbering character. While you're editing the Master Page, you 
> can't see any difference from the '#' as a character, but once you 
> apply it to a page you will see it as the page number instead. If it 
> still looks like '#' you haven't done it right.
> If you use Story Editor while editing the Master Page, the Page Number 
> '#' should show in red, the normal '#' character in black.
> I do see that there is a little bit of weirdness. For example, if I am 
> on page 3, and I have already made a text frame with the page number 
> character on the Master Page, then go back to edit the Master Page, it 
> shows as the page number (for whatever page I was on) rather than the 
> special character (seems to be a minor bug, and is present in 1.4.x 
> and 1.5.0). I did note that Scribus will not allow you to enter more 
> than one page number character sequentially, but you can have more 
> than one if there is another character or space in between.
> Greg
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