[scribus] Linux Ubuntu & Mint: Export in PDF in CMYK color mode (printer) is not giving a correct result

Jean Ghali jghali at libertysurf.fr
Sun Apr 5 00:09:24 UTC 2015

Le 04/04/2015 22:21, Eric Dodémont a écrit :
> I just investigated a little bit more, and with the latest Ubuntu official
> package (version 1.4.4), I can find the "Enable/Disable Color Management"
> button in the lower/right window corner, but I cannot find anymore the
> "Color Management" tab in the preferences... There is really something
> missing!
> I found the following unofficial package (version 1.4.5):
> scribus_1.4.5+dfsg1-5~0utopic_amd64.deb.
> With that package, the "Color Management" tab is present in the
> preferences, and the RGB to CMYK conversion works correctly with the color
> management disabled. I tested it in Linux Ubuntu 14.10 and Mint 17.1.


If the color management tab is not available, that can mean two things:
1) Scribus has not been compiled with color management enabled
2) Scribus default ICC profiles have not been provided in the package

1) is afaict less likely these days. 2) is a possibility and distributions such as Debian
often provide ICC profiles in separate packages to be found in "non-free" repositories.

When color management is off and Scribus default profiles are available on user system,
Scribus provides some default color management which affects only RGB to CMYK conversion.
Without those default profiles installed, Scribus cannot do much, except using a basic RGB
to CMYK conversion formula. In this case the quality of RGB to CMYK conversion will
obviously suffer.

On Windows 7, Scribus default profiles are systematically installed so that Scribus can
provided some decent RGB to CMYK conversion by default.


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