[scribus] Linux Ubuntu & Mint: Export in PDF in CMYK color mode (printer) is not giving a correct result

Eric Dodémont eric.dodemont at skynet.be
Sat Apr 4 11:19:10 UTC 2015

Under Linux *Ubuntu 14.10* and *Mint 17*, exporting in PDF in *CMYK color *
*mode* (Printer) is *not* giving a correct result (very pale colors). The
last package is *s**cribus-1.4.4+dfsg1-2*. This problem was not happening
with the former package (1.4.2.dfsg+r18267-1ubuntu2).

See this PDF file for an example:

The image is in CMYK color mode: page 1 is OK, page 2 is NOK.

I also tried Scribus (v1.4.5) under Windows 7, and the CMYK color mode is
giving a correct result.

Did somebody noticed that problem?

I have introduced a bug report at Ubuntu:


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