[scribus] Todos and workflow tool for small team DTP

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Tue Sep 16 05:46:01 UTC 2014

> Do you use some tools to manage your edit workflows ?
Not currently, but I have previously been looking into some simple tools.
My idea was to keep it simple, web based and try to stick to something I
knew pretty well already.

I ended up settings up a proof of concept system with Trac.

Trac is a combined project management and wiki software, where you can
design your own workflows. My idea was that text could be written with trac
wiki formatting. Trac wiki formatting can be used both in wiki pages (in
that case each article would have its own wiki page, linked from a workflow
ticket) or directly in a workflow ticket field (for smaller articles). Trac
allows for custom fields in the tickets.

Trac has support for "roles" to use for permissions (and to have
permissions change according to the workflow).

The only think my proof of concept lacked was an import filter to import
trac wiki formatted text into Scribus.

Oh, right, also I used a separate solution for images, I used Gallery. The
disadvatage was that the version of trac I used had its own user database
and no support for external integration. But I think newer versions of trac
can integrate with for example Gallery.

Now, this was a couple of years ago and I had really no idea what to look
for, so take this as a "view of a different way to do things":)

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