[scribus] InDesign to Scribus

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Thu Oct 30 10:33:33 UTC 2014

For some mysterious reason, I was able to get InDesign to work yesterday -
> so I will take your suggestion and wait for next version of Scribus, so as
> to have the time to get used to it before being 'forced' to use it.
Now, while you have ID working, make sure to re-save all your old documents
in a format that Scribus will be able to import.

You might also consider to "export" the contents from your old ID
documents. Copy the texts to text files, save the images as image files in
separate folders and take notes of margins and other figures. The reason is
that you can not always rely on import filters to work flawlessly,
sometimes there will be features that are not compatible between programs.
In such cases you will need to "rebuild" your documents from scratch, and
having the content separetly saved makes it easier.

Also rebuilding your documents in Scribus is an excellent way to learn to
use Scribus.

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