[scribus] InDesign to Scribus

mt mt at lockedbags.org
Thu Oct 30 10:07:24 UTC 2014

Many thanks Christoph, Samuel, Jean-Luc and Jean-François :-)

For some mysterious reason, I was able to get InDesign to work 
yesterday - so I will take your suggestion and wait for next 
version of Scribus, so as to have the time to get used to it 
before being 'forced' to use it.

Old habits are hard to change, so I'll have to see how 
successful my current writer app (Nisus Writer Pro) is at saving 
.ods files. I use OpenOffice regularly and extensively for 
spreadsheets, but am not sure I want to move to it (or 
LibreOffice) for writing.

Anyway, it's great to know about Scribus, and thank you for 
being so nice and willing to help!

Ciao for now :-)

Italy or Australia
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