[scribus] focusing on what has been undone

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Thu Oct 23 14:46:59 UTC 2014

On 10/23/2014 08:29 AM, Peter Nermander wrote:
>> How about a message in the status bar? I'm not a fan of jumping around
>> the document like you're suggesting.
> And what should the status bar say? "Letter g undone in text frame Text1"?
> IMO this is a matter of acknowledging what was done, and from what I can
> tell most other programs show the user what was undone, in the place it was
> undone.
> Or do you have a long list of programs that DON'T jump to the relevant spot?

What I do have is an extensive list of the programs and situations I
would like to be on one page and undo something on some other page:

1. ---

Maybe we also need these other essential features:

1. Be able to open a document and undo the last operation on the
document before it was saved.

2. Be able to have one document open and undo an operation on some other
open document, or one saved on disk.

3. Be able to undo the last operation on someone else's computer who is
also running Scribus.

I think that signs of intelligence would be that if you're going to undo
"something" on some other page, maybe you should look at the action
history to see what you're going to undo, rather than wanting to play a
GUI video game of undoing-redoing-undoing just for the cool visual effect.


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