[scribus] focusing on what has been undone

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Oct 22 08:08:42 UTC 2014


here is a question to you, about how scribus should behave when undoing.

four years ago i created a ticket for it


and two years ago chelen uploaded a patch.

now, craig brought up some cases where the patch is not working as the
user would expect (... personally, i don't really understand what's the
matter is in those cases, but i assume that they are legit) and the
ticket has been closed as "won't fix".

personally, i had a bad feeling about it and just did a short test.
there is indeed at least one case where, scribus does
not behave as i would expect:

- create a two pages document
- if you're monitor is somehow like mine, you will see only one page on
- scroll down to the second page.
- add a text frame.
- scroll up to the first page
- undo.

the frame on the second page is removed without the user having a
chance to see what happened.

in my eyes a dangerous behavior.

and there are other cases, where i think scribus is not helping me
enough, understanding what the undo is doing.

what do you think about it?

how should scribus behave in such cases?

is the current behavior ok for you?

looking for how others are doing it. i've tried to create two pages in
a libreoffice write document, inserted a frame in the second one,
scrolled up and undo.
after deleting the frame, libreoffice "jumps" down to the second page
and the cursor is placed where the frame was anchored.
much better.

now, scribus does not have anchoring points so our case is a bit more

but it should be possible to achieve a better behavior than the current

so the question to you: does anybody want to spend some time on this
and write down a proposal defining how scribus should behave?

you don't need to be able to code for it, but you need some experience
with DTP tools and good UI/UX skills :-)

have a wonderful day!

p.s.: of course, the person writing the proposal can't be as
lazy as i am now, and will have to understand what are the cases craig
is talking about!

p.p.s.: of course bis, it does not have to be a lonely person... a
small group can work on this: it might be more fun!

p.p.p.s.: as a reminder: if possible, don't use a proprietary package
as a reference for defining how scribus should be working...

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