[scribus] Keep master page logic when modifying page order

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Tue Oct 7 00:21:50 UTC 2014

On 10/06/2014 02:49 PM, Jog Lie wrote:
> Hello,
> While using Scribus with a large number of elements, I kept having an issue :
> Let's put reproducible context:
> 1) Say you have a document of 70 pages.
> 2) You have 5 different master pages.
> 3) Set the two first master pages up with an even/odd logic. Your whole doc is now one master1/master2/master1 ...
> 4) You think you are finished with the doc but at the very last moment, a colleague of yours comes with eight pages to add at position 14,15,24,26,14,37,41,58,.
> 5) But pages 32,33 has master page "master3", pages 20,23,34,38,45,47 "master4" and pages 7,9,14,15,51 "master5".
> 6) Everything is messed up. If you keep the "exotic" logic, then you will have to set up manually the odd/even pattern (boring). If you decide to go the autobahn way, you have to recreate the "exotic" logic.
> There should be a way to "lock" a master page to a page, no matter what happens. That way, we could recreate the whole document just by resetting the odd/even pattern. Everything would be nice.
There is a locking, just perhaps not what you're looking for at the 
moment, even though some other time you may want it that way.
If you assign a master page to a page, the assignment is locked until 
you change it. For a left-right-left-right situation, you would have to 
reassign your pattern after adding a page in the middle: 

One thing worth looking at is Windows > Arrange Pages.

To simply view your pages, click down through them. If you find a 
mistake in master page assignment, drag the correct one from the top to 
the page icon.
If you double-click on a master page, the main view changes to a view of 
the master page.
You can also leave the Arrange Pages dialog open while you edit pages or 
master pages.

Something I don't find, though, is a way to assign master pages from 

Finally, with your last situation of having master1, master2, master3 as 
a pattern, here is where you would want a 3-fold layout. When you do 
this, what you also create is a separate Normal master page for each of 
the pages in sets of 3 : Normal Left, Normal Middle, and Normal Right, 
and by default they are already assigned. So by editing these 3 normals 
you have your pattern. Once again, Arrange Pages can fix problems when 
new pages might get put in the middle.


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