[scribus] Keep master page logic when modifying page order

Jog Lie deco33000 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 6 18:49:04 UTC 2014


While using Scribus with a large number of elements, I kept having an issue :

Let's put reproducible context:

1) Say you have a document of 70 pages.
2) You have 5 different master pages.
3) Set the two first master pages up with an even/odd logic. Your whole doc is now one master1/master2/master1 ...
4) You think you are finished with the doc but at the very last moment, a colleague of yours comes with eight pages to add at position 14,15,24,26,14,37,41,58,.
5) But pages 32,33 has master page "master3", pages 20,23,34,38,45,47 "master4" and pages 7,9,14,15,51 "master5".
6) Everything is messed up. If you keep the "exotic" logic, then you will have to set up manually the odd/even pattern (boring). If you decide to go the autobahn way, you have to recreate the "exotic" logic.

There should be a way to "lock" a master page to a page, no matter what happens. That way, we could recreate the whole document just by resetting the odd/even pattern. Everything would be nice.

Since we are there, how to manage a document with a pattern like "master1,master2,master3,master1,master2,master3..." in case of a mistake with content adding ?

Lot of questions but Scribus is very nice

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