[scribus] Removing extra spaces??

Ian Whitfield whitfield at telkomsa.net
Fri Nov 7 10:52:23 UTC 2014

*Thanks Greg*

The main problem I have comes from scanning of old printed documents, 
(using YAGF/Tesserect), and then moving the corrected text into Scribus. 
I find that the scanning process seems to arbitrarily add extra spaces 
between some words and remove the spaces between some words. The latter 
is easy to see and pick-up but the former is more difficult - specially 
when your Text Style is Justified!!

So for me I was just looking for a way to detect double spaces and 
remove one of them. I was also taught that you NEVER put two spaces at 
the end of a sentence so it would eliminate that problem for me as well 
which I pick-up from eMails and other Wordprocessing documents that I 
get sent.

I have started to copy the text into LO Writer now and do a 'Find and 
Replace' which works well but is an extra step in the process. I thought 
a small Script in Scribus might be able to do this.

Although I know Scribus is NOT a Wordprocessor I do think all the basic 
Wordprocessor functions should be present to aid in the work flow.

Thanks - I appreciate the help.

Regards from South Africa

   °v°     IanW
   /(_)\    Pretoria RSA
   ^ ^

On 11/07/2014 03:22 AM, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> On 11/06/2014 09:02 AM, Ian Whitfield wrote:
>> WOW!! Guess I started something this time!!
>> Thanks for the replies - I think the answer - for now - is the idea 
>> to run the text through LO Writer first and dig the extra spaces out 
>> there.
>> As somebody said I have to try and stop using Scribus as a 
>> Wordprocessor!! (But it works so much better that way!!)
> I was hoping you would give us some indication of what you meant by 
> extra spaces. Two in a row is one situation, but there might be 
> others, like a space after a period which is followed by a newline.
> You can use a text editor like KWrite to remove all sorts of things, 
> especially when you use regexp methods.
> One of the features of scripts like Autoquote.py is that they can 
> leave everything else intact. What you see when you look at text are 
> the printable characters, but there are a number of nonprinting 
> characters also, used to trigger a character style or something else. 
> The script leaves those alone. If you're dealing with some text in 
> Scribus where you have applied styles, I'm not sure how these are 
> exported to LibreOffice, my guess is they aren't.
> Greg
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