[scribus] Removing extra spaces??

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Fri Nov 7 01:22:13 UTC 2014

On 11/06/2014 09:02 AM, Ian Whitfield wrote:
> WOW!! Guess I started something this time!!
> Thanks for the replies - I think the answer - for now - is the idea to 
> run the text through LO Writer first and dig the extra spaces out there.
> As somebody said I have to try and stop using Scribus as a 
> Wordprocessor!! (But it works so much better that way!!)
I was hoping you would give us some indication of what you meant by 
extra spaces. Two in a row is one situation, but there might be others, 
like a space after a period which is followed by a newline.

You can use a text editor like KWrite to remove all sorts of things, 
especially when you use regexp methods.
One of the features of scripts like Autoquote.py is that they can leave 
everything else intact. What you see when you look at text are the 
printable characters, but there are a number of nonprinting characters 
also, used to trigger a character style or something else. The script 
leaves those alone. If you're dealing with some text in Scribus where 
you have applied styles, I'm not sure how these are exported to 
LibreOffice, my guess is they aren't.


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