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Jean-Paul Gendner jean-paul.gendner at orange.fr
Fri Jun 20 20:30:44 UTC 2014


     Wonderful! Thank you very much. I just made a big step. (I tried to
copy an ImageBox after entering in the text frame by Ctrl-T, and in this
case, I copied the xml code!)

     So, this is a perfect solution to enter an equation between two
     However, how may I do to enter an equation inside a paragraph, taking
into account that the equation needs to reserve space above and below the
current line?

     To better see what I mean, you may download a small file representing a
simple example at:
     For a better understanding, I have put the text in blue, and what are
black are equations. For the 7th line, beginning by "exemple", the space
above and below the line is larger as for a normal text line. How my I
specify this? For the upper space, I have tried, without success, to put a
dummy big text behind the imagebox? I also do not see how I may center the
ImageBox vertically to the current line?

     My example is done with Open Office Writer, and each equation is like a
word in the text, however the real space needed by the equation is taken
into account.

     Of course, for two equations in a text, that is not a problem. In my
case, there are often really many!
     So, the greatest for Scribus would be to be able to read directly the
equations in the odt files and share these as objects in the text.

	For information, I worked with Microsoft Word, however Open Office
Writer read perfectly my .doc files.

	Any advice/remark will be welcome.
	Regards (Gutten Abend),

Jean-Paul Gendner
Site : f5bu.fr

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> Hello,
>      Thank you for the answer.
>      My question was not clear enough. I will give a dummy example, just
to be
> much clearer: In a text, I will replace a word by a picture. For example
> to write "Drink", I will have a bottle. So I leave some space in my text
and put
> a pictureBox with a bottle instead the word.
> 	My question is: is there a way that this pictureBox moves as would
> move the word "Drink" if I do changes before in the text (add words,
> paragraphs, pictures, ...)?

Yes. First insert the bottle as a regular image somewhere on the Scribus
Then cut it out with Ctrl-X, double-click on the textframe to enter edit
move to the correct position and paste the bottle with CTRL-V.


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