[scribus] Accessing Story Editor in 1.5.0

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>Craig Bradney <cbradney at scribus.info> wrote:
>> >>
>> >> ciao
>> >> a.l.e
>> > 
>> > So there is no way to recreate the facility
>> > that existed in earlier versions (to access
>> > the Style Editor from the Story Editor as
>> > needed)?
>> > 
>> Sure there is. Those who profess to know
>> something about GUI design said we should
>> remove it.
>> Talk to Ale etc..
>> Craig
>I profess to know how I use Scribus, and I type
>text into the Story Editor or modify text flowed
>in from another source in the Story Editor.  As I
>go along I may need to create or modify Styles,
>particularly when I flow in text from outside of
>I am very pragmatic about rules, regulations and
>"best practices" as defined by others. What works
>works. What is convenient for the end user is
>Providing an exit into the Style
>Editor from the Story Editor with a return 
>to the Story Editor upon exiting the Style 
>Editor is to my mind a simple subroutine call
>and return. It doesn't handicap anyone, even
>A.L.E., who wants to use the program in a 
>different way.
>John Culleton
>Wexford Press
>I would like to say that I agree with John that it
>was very nice when we could get to the Style
>Editor from within the Story Editor.  It saved 
>keystrokes and seemed to enable a perfectly
>logical workflow. 
>John has been making this argument for some 
>time now, but I do not recall ever seeing an
>explanation of why we can not have this access
>any more.  Is there a good reason?  Could it be 
>that the GUI design experts got this one wrong?
>Other than that I think Scribus is an amazing
>piece of software and I would like to thank
>the developers for all their hard work.
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