[scribus] Stalking the wild 'RTL language support' in Scribus

Hans Schmidt z0idberg at gmx.de
Fri Jun 13 11:48:30 UTC 2014

Am 13.06.2014 00:48, schrieb Kunda Loves Scribus:
> PS
> Mossab & Hans
> I learned recently that it is list policy to not top post (see:
> http://www.idallen.com/topposting.html). It makes sense especially when
> viewing the ML in 'thread view' (
> http://lists.scribus.net/pipermail/scribus/2014-June/thread.html).

Ok, I am sorry. I missed this text because between all the quoted texts
and the signatures etc. etc. it is very hard to quickly see the new
message when it is not a top post ;)

But I will comply :)

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