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Jeffrey jeffmerrow at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 5 17:28:16 UTC 2014

Curious regarding the role fulfilled as spearhead.
Apart from a flurry of e-mail activity heretofore not seen in scribus list, provoking consideration to unsubscribe same, what does Kunda bring to the table as self-appointed Spear Head?

On June 5, 2014 12:36:08 PM EDT, Kunda Loves Scribus <scribus.user at gmail.com> wrote:
>Hello folks,
>So just wanted to give a heads up that I'm spearheading some efforts to
>help 'soup up' more participation when it comes to testing and
>multi-platform builds of Scribus by more folks in the community (and on
>periphery which includes LibreGraphics peeps, OSS in general, Mac OSX
>world, and the crossover Adobe Indesign crowd who can't afford it
>:P )
>The key to this entails making insanely good documentation to help
>and empower. So first I want to really appreciate efforts that have
>done by so many before me.
>Most recently: JLuc's great work on
>http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/How_to_file_a_bug_report This is a
>first step to help inspire, by inviting and allowing people to have a
>and express it. Greg Pittman on using Scribus and Github. Really good
>practical information there for people to exponentially learn both
>and Git at the same time. a.l.e for outlining/writing a lot of the
>information on the topic of participation already that I can draw from
>his github repos. BTW, if you're not on this list it doesn't mean that
>forgetting you or not aware of your efforts (which possibly may be the
>case), it's because I want to get to the point :)
>Great developments in Scribus have happened pre-peri-post LGM2014. So
>the spirit of riding the wave of those efforts I'm inviting folks to
>pretty up some of the wiki documentation in conjunction with my
>spearheading efforts. This includes:
>+ http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Building_SVN_versions_with_CMake
>this super readable and fun)
>(same principle as above)
>+ Participation on the topics discussed in
>+ Help educate volunteers using the above resources and/or guiding them
>step-by-step. Example: http://goo.gl/vkmrFD
>++ Especially we need people who are interested in helping to build
>for LInux, OS X and Windows: on a bi-weekly basis or whenever a certain
>revision is committed, or to test patches etc...
>+ Help to create documentation that will facilitate all of the above
>and help progress the effort.
>Also want to send a very thankful regards to the Devs for their
>work. Thanks everyone for your attention. Lets continue to get a kick
>of this continued momentum!
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