[scribus] Building Scribus

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Mon Jul 28 09:45:21 UTC 2014

This should get you started.


And lots of good information on the wiki as well.

Please come back here with questions/problems. I am sure they can all
be solved.


> Hi All
> I am a regular user of Scribus and have been for several years now -
> and
> I love it!!
> I produce a monthly +/- 50 page Journal for a group I run all over the
> World.
> My OpSys is PClinuxOS and Scribus is in the repos. However it does
> seem
> to be not update as often as I would like. The only version right now
> is
> 1.4.3 and it has been like this for some time.
> I wrote in to the devs about this and received a reply that 1.4.5 was
> available, but it is not, so I wrote back to the devs.
> I never got a reply and the post was removed!!!
> I know that 1.5 is available and I would very much like to try it.
> Also
> the version in the PCLOS repo does not include the Spell Checker and I
> understand that this is because a part (dependency?) was left out when
> it was built.
> What I would like to know is how do I build a version myself? I have
> never done this and would like to try but need pointers on how to do
> this or a DIY site where I can get all the details.
> Thanks guys!!
> IanW
> Pretoria RSA
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