[scribus] (Was: Krita Kickstarter)

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jul 16 07:45:07 UTC 2014


a few addenda to an interesting thread...

on my side, yes, i'm committed on working on the epub exporter.

it basically works.
it will be further improved and will be ready for 1.6.

i've also done a few small patches during the last few months.

in august i've planned to do a contribution to the scripter.

also, concerning the new scripter, i made it compilable again. now it
crashes on startup. i know the reason of it and the cure will be a port
to pyqt5 (and python 3).
i'll try to tackle this during the next month...

concerning my UI contributions: i keep on listening to people, directly
asking question, and then making suggestions in the ticketing system or
in irc... sometime successfully, sometimes not...

all things considered, during the last few months there were a few
improvements... and, sadly, in my eyes, also some regressions.

but we still wait on the big chunk (that seems to have started gently
getting in): T H E  P R O P R I E T I E S  P A L E T T E.

i'm also trying out, how far one can get with plugins and QML (and
replace less than optimal core features by gracious, light and usable

finally, i would be avaible to work for money, but i don't think i'm
the right person for it.

there is another person who, as far as i know, would be ready to work
full time on scribus, but he would only do so, if a "european" salary
can be paid for a full year.
and the odds that we can raise that amount of money are rather small!
(also: i don't know if the offer is still valid...)

have a nice day

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