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Tue Jul 15 14:40:44 UTC 2014

William & Wena, I am living proof that no one is too old to learn and 
use Scribus. I just turned 87 years old and first downloaded Scribus to 
use in writing a bookthree years ago. I learned to use the program 
sufficiently to write an autobiography of 300 pages which was completed 
recently. I have sold 49 copies of this book which I print on an ink jet 
printer and a caregiver binds the books for me. Why have I elected to 
write, print and bind at home? The reason I did this was just to prove 
to myself that I could do it in spite of my age and the fact that I am 
in advanced stages of a form of Muscular Distrophy.

To the Scribus team, keep up the good work.

Bob Parham


*Bob Parham*

*People may forget what you did and people may forget what you said but
people will never forget how you made them feel.**



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