[scribus] Krita Kickstarter

Hans Schmidt z0idberg at gmx.de
Tue Jul 15 10:15:37 UTC 2014

Am 10.07.2014 06:18, schrieb Kunda Loves Scribus:
> Those who may have not heard of the completely successful crowd-funded
> campaign that is about to come to a completion...you are now. The campaign
> is by Open source Libre Graphic Program 'Krita'. I know this is not the
> appropriate place for this but I think you will grok my intention because
> it's inspiring to see what these folks have achieved (check out their
> campaign). They reached their goal already (€15,000) and they are really
> close to crossing the 20K line.
> So if you are awake and reading this, consider donating to this project as
> it has the potential to further propel the OSS community forward.
I wonder if it were possible to mount such a campaign for Scribus as well?

I guess having the money to let somebody work fulltime on Scribus for
some time would result in an incredible version improvement. Donors
could immediately see the benefit of their donations, Scribus would be
perceived as a software with development and it would attract much more
money than single, independent donations (the power of peer pressure). I
would gladly support Scribus with much money for that.

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