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> Those who may have not heard of the completely
> successful crowd-funded campaign that is about
> to come to a completion...you are now. The
> campaign is by Open source Libre Graphic
> Program 'Krita'. I know this is not the
> appropriate place for this but I think you will
> grok my intention because it's inspiring to see
> what these folks have achieved (check out their
> campaign). They reached their goal already
> (€15,000) and they are really close to crossing
> the 20K line.
> So if you are awake and reading this, consider
> donating to this project as it has the
> potential to further propel the OSS community
> forward.
> Kickstarter page:
> https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/krita/krita-open-source-digital-painting-accelerate-deve
> Paypal (just in case you still want to donate
> but the kickstarter is over):
> https://krita.org/index.php/item/242-success
> Cheers,
> /Kunda

AFAIK Krita is part of the KDE suite. Has it been
changed to an independent program? Or is this
Krita different program altogether?

There are lots of problems with KDE 4, to the
point that longtime KDE users like myself have
switched to XFCE4 instead. I still have Krita on
my computer and can call it from XFCE4. 

There are multiple problems with KDE4, but the
forced integration of programs is at the root of
most of it. The excellent HTML editor Quanta Plus
has been dropped and another product, a
generalized IDE,  given the same name.

Not every tool needs to be part of a Swiss Army
knife style conglomeration.

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