[scribus] makedraft script

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Mon Jul 7 06:35:27 UTC 2014

Le 06/07/2014 19:05, JLuc a écrit :
>> Although still not part of the source, I have created 2 commands,
>> copyObject() and pasteObject(). These should allow one to create a new
>> layer if needed, copy an image frame, delete the original, then paste to
>> the new layer. There are commands to make a layer invisible and to make
>> it nonprintable that one can use after you have transferred all images.
> OK thats http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=10560
> I guess that's for scripter 1 ?
> Since the intent is to make images non-visible, it would be ok
> if the draft is not faithfool looking.

AMOF, it would be ok for makedraft to just empty each image frames.
And that would be much simpler actually,
but care should be taken to change the name of the document first !


>> If we could get a movetoLayer() command, this would of course be much
>> simpler.
> Your #10560 patch looks straightforward.
> Since it would be more simple to create a movetoLayer() py command,
> this would probably be the way to go.
> I looked in C++ source and found 'setLayer' method to be the one
> to be called on the item...

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