[scribus] Unable to install Scribus

Dwain Alford wdalford6 at live.com
Fri Jan 3 22:57:17 UTC 2014

"Peter Mt. Shasta" <pshasta at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
>I have the latest MacBook Pro with OS X 10.9.1, but it doesn’t say if
>that is Mountain Lion or not, so don’t know which software version to
>download, so I downloaded the first option available for the Mac OS X
>10.9 or above. Then the next question is how to download the
>Ghostscript. The Apple Store says it is not available for US
>distribution.  The other options all list dire warnings for using the
>wrong version, so where can I get the right version?  If the
>installation is this difficult it seems the program itself must be only
>for geeks. Sorry, I’m in the process of switching from Windows XP and
>am not so knowledgable on the Mac. Thanks for any assistance!
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Get the latest version from scribus.net. Also get the latest version of GS from sourceforge.net.

Installing from a .dmg, treat it like a .exe file. When the dialog box opens you will see the Scribus.app icon and an Applications folder in the box. Drag the Scribus icon to the Applications folder and drop it there. Another dialog box will open showing the progress of the program being copied to the Application folder. After installing, reboot. If you check the Apps folder after the install the Scribus icon will be grayed out with a circle and slash. This is normal with some programs, that's why the reboot. Everything will be aok then.

You may run into some issues setting prefs, which you will find under the program name in the menu bar, if you don't already knw that.

Good luck & cheers,

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