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Joop Kiefte ikojba at gmail.com
Tue Feb 18 19:59:05 UTC 2014

(maybe for a future release it would be good to have a merge to pdf option:
have a list of sla-files that are batch-processed to pdf, avoiding this
kind of redundancies and maybe having an overall preflight mode?)

On Tue, Feb 18, 2014 at 8:45 PM, john Culleton <John at wexfordpress.com>wrote:

> I am trying my first real book interior in
> Scribus, and the page count will exceed 128.
> There will be text plus lots of black and white
> illos. I will use 1.5.0.
>  So what is the preferred workflow:
> 1. Type each chapter externally and import as text
> into a set of linked pages. Then export the
> chapter as pdf.
> 2. Type each chapter using story editor. Then
> export the chapter as pdf.
> 3. Type the whole book in one document.
> I am concerned about two things: speed/ease of
> production and size of the ultimate pdf. It seems
> to me that if I merge chapters using pdftk
> then there will be a lot of repetition in the pdf
> of fonts etc.
> My background is TeX, both pdftex and Context
> MK!V.
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