[scribus] more spell checking

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Thu Feb 13 18:13:10 UTC 2014

Dear Craig,

thank you for your help. Today our internet provider seems to be doing a
test for new 3G bandwidth, so speed is amazing.

I tried to send you our .dic off-list this morning, but I got yelled at
by the spam-filter. Quote "Get lost, spammer" How can I send an example?
I believe this list does not accept attachments either?



On 12.02.2014 22:12, Craig Bradney wrote:
> Hi Martin
>> Why would you need our .dic file? It is not secret, but is evolving
>> every week (4000+ entries). Anii is a minority language, spoken by not
>> more than 50000 people and outside our office there is most likely
>> nobody who does any publishing in Anii (yet) and we are still trying to
>> promote the existence of Scribus.
>> If you just want to have a look, I could send you a sample off list. But
>> it should not be shipped together with Scribus at this point.
> If its changing that much then no, we don't need it. We could have hosted it for download. In any
> case, now that the language list has been updated, I think you could just put it into the 1.4.4
> release installation directories and it will work. If you'd like me to test it shows up properly in
> the GUI (in Preferences, spelling windows etc), then feel free to send to me.
> thanks
> Craig
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ZASKE Martin
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