[scribus] Image plus textbox as a template?

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Tue Dec 16 12:32:24 UTC 2014

On 12/16/2014 06:24 AM, Rolf-Werner Eilert wrote:
> Currently I'm planning a new project and just had the idea to combine an
> image frame with a text frame and a special paragraph style to get this
> usual "Image 19.1 shows the item from the left" thing.
> ---------------------------
> .                         .
> .      IMAGE              .
> .                         .
> ---------------------------
> .      text               .
> ---------------------------
> First idea: Using an image frame and a text frame, then glueing them
> together as an object. But if I had to access the text or the image I
> would have to take them apart, right? Is there an easier way to keep two
> frames together?
> Do you see a way to automate and ease this if it's needed often in a
> document?

Conceptually, this is something like or a variation of the footnote
function in 1.5.0svn, which unfortunately has some problems even with
its intended use. It involves "welding" a frame to another, while still
allowing editing of the individual welded parts.

If we can get someone to join our developers and tackle this feature it
could be just what you're looking for.

Meanwhile, it occurs to me that maybe the Infobox script might
accomplish this (in a way). This script inserts a frame inside another
frame. It was mostly designed to fit a frame in one or more columns of
text, but it should work even when there is a single column. The idea
would be that you make some arbitrary text frame with the caption, then
run Infobox to insert the image frame. When I get a chance I'll try this
out. Once you do this then you could Group the frames so they stick


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