[scribus] Easier word wraparound and graphic images.

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen at t-online.de
Tue Dec 16 10:21:39 UTC 2014

Am 15.12.2014 21:58, schrieb JLuc:
> Le 15/12/2014 18:47, Rolf-Werner Eilert a écrit :
>> Ok. Yes, but... the contour line is this thing you have to pull with
>> the mouse, right? Each edge for itself, and it is
>> thought for making non-rectangle contours around non-rectangle
>> pictures. Or am I wrong here?
> Let not mix the contour function and the UI (various tools) that
> possibly implement this function.
> Function : Contour is a shape that defines how the text flows around an
> image.
> UI/tools : with scribus, contour can be created using the "use contour"
> button or doing it using another frame as you explain you do.

Of course, you are right - but I meant its purpose only, not the way 
it's implemented.

>> Anyway, in most cases (it's more than 99 % in my case) I have to
>> simply keep some distance to a photo or an ad which is
>> rectangle and should be dealt with as a rectangle. If there was a
>> function that kept a distance of a definable number of
>> mm to the rectangle boundaries of the frame, it would save a lot of
>> clicks and time.
> Scribus "Use contour" button proposes the actual frame as a starting
> point for contourline edition.
> With a click of a button you can make it wider in all directions.
> You can define "how wider" you want it to be with a percentage (10%
> wider) or an absolute value (1cm wider).
> It seems to fit your need and wishes, doesnt it ?

Yes, it does indeed. Just tried it... but it stretches the bounding box 
by making it wider and higher only and keeps the X and Y origin 
coordinates. This lets it stick to the left and upper edge of the box, 
which is not the effect I had in mind.

>> A simple input box (or if you wish it perfect, 4 boxes for the 4 edges
>> and maybe even chainable) would do. A value of
>> zero would work as it does now, any value above would keep letters a
>> bit away from the frame.
> Scribus UI is allmost so but yet requires more clicks.
> There's actualy a request to have an easyer access to contour edit :
> http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=10409

No, though I agree with the idea, this is not what I had in mind.


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