[scribus] Printing in gray

Jehan Pagès jehan.marmottard at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 16:15:47 UTC 2014


I've been trying to print from scribus, but it will print only in gray
for some reason (even though all the options are clearly set for
colour printing).
I even tried print separation, but every page print in the right place
but in grey instead of the expected color. Would you know what is the
Note: I tried both Scribus 1.4.3 (from my Linux Mint packaging
system), and the dev version from svn).

As a side question, if I export a PDF in PDF/X-3 with a CMYK output
intent profile, and using only CMYK colors, why when I print from a
PDF viewer, it does not correspond. As an example, I had a bit of
yellow in samples which were supposed to be full cyan. How is that?
Would the problem be in the PDF reader which make some translation to
RGB perhaps? Or I don't export the PDF the right way?


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