[scribus] Replacing fonts on old or stranger's sla files.

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Mon Dec 1 06:10:58 UTC 2014

> when I scan the list of my fonts I find that

> > exact same font in the list! It has a letter S
> > in yellow with a green background on the left
> > hand edge. If I choose that font I see that I
> > have substituted font ABC with font ABC. It may
> > be a font I don't even have on my system!
> My guess is that the fonts, despite having the same name are different
> because of the meta data. ( Most of my guesses are wrong, otherwise I would
> be a billionaire by now! )
A font does not (as far as I understand) only have a name, it also has a
type and a version.

This would mean fonts with the same name can be available as for example
both True Type and Open Type (which I think Scribus would consider to be
"different" fonts), and there are even different version of fonts shipped
with different versions of Windows.

Maybe the dialog in Scribus should be better on telling the difference?

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