[scribus] Characters outline

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Sun Aug 17 05:33:27 UTC 2014

> Hello,
>             I have to put text on a picture, and to get
> this text more readable even if the image color is locally the same as
> the characters color, I would like to put a small shape of another
> color around each character shape.
>             I have found the Outline possibility. However,
> this allows changing the color of a small part INSIDE the character
> shape. What I am looking for, is like that but with a shape OUTSIDE
> the character shape.
>             Of course, another way is to put the whole text
> on a colored background shape. But this is not exactly what I am
> looking for.
>             Any help will be welcome.

Not sure what you want exactly but try this;

1. Create a text box
2. Put in say one letter, A for example
3. To see the effect, increase the font size to say 200, adjust frame
to fit
4. Convert to Outlines
5. Activate the frame
6. Go to Colors, select the Fill tool, and fill with say red
7. Go to the line tool, and select another color


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