[scribus] Advice on make this lay out.

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen at t-online.de
Mon Sep 30 06:37:58 UTC 2013

Am 27.09.2013 14:46, schrieb wena-parry at talktalk.net:
> I am attempting to make a bilingual hymn book. The English on the left
> page and the Welsh on the right. The example I have made is very hard
> work – I have 3 text boxes on each page, the hymn number on the left,
> (for the English) that will also have notes, The hymns follow towards
> the mild – the page number at the bottom of each page.
> https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53724979/Engraifft002.jpg
> The Welsh is opposite with the hymn numbers on the right. That will make
> the different language to face each other, so that both languages could
> be viewed together.
> The page size is to be A5. There will be some 280 pages. I am using
> Scribus 1.4. 2. on a Windows XP
> Wena D Parry.

Yes Wena, I would use A5 pages and let them show up in Scribus as 
double-sided layout. That should make it easier for everyone to cope 
with page numbering. And it is easy to make it up for A5-on-A4-printing 

If you want one big text file for English and one for Welsh (as I can 
see from your example), you could build a layout with one big text frame 
on the left and one on the right. Then you make paragraph styles for 
headings and body text, maybe sticking to line...lines [don't know the 
word used for it in the English version] would be quite nice.

Use the same paragraph styles in OOo or whatever you use to write them 
and import them, so the styles should be used (but try this before to 
make sure it really runs like this :-) ).

Now you import the English text to the first left page (2 or 4), then 
click on to the next page on the left and link all these frames. (Or is 
there an automatical way for this? No idea...)

The other way would be to use one text file for each hymn, but you would 
end up having to layout one song per page or adding by hand another 
frame for the next text on a page if one is too short.


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