[scribus] shift create frame

Owen rcook at pcug.org.au
Sun Sep 8 07:25:06 UTC 2013

> Does it really create a frame, or just select a frame previously
> present on that page ?
> On my Scribus 1.4.0. when I hold down the Shift key while
> left-clicking on the page, it just selects (not creates) a frame
> filling to the margins and does not select/create a frame filling to
> the guides in all four directions although they are a lot present on
> that page.
> Tauba
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>> gpittman recently added this to the documentation :
>> <<
>> There is also a useful timesaving feature by holding down the Shift
>> key while left-clicking on the page. This will
>> create a frame filling to the borders of the space in which you
>> click. These borders might be the margins if there are
>> no guides, but if there are guides, the frame will fill to the
>> nearest margin or guide in all four directions. The grid
>> has no impact on this sort of frame creation. Check to see what
>> happens when you click outside the margins.
>> >>

It really does create a frame, so try this;

1. Open a New Document (with margins)

2. Click on the Text tool

3. Hold the shift key and LEFT click

You  now have a text frame between the margins

Do it again but click on the Image frame tool


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