[scribus] how do I strip out unwanted overriding of paragraph styles?

Ed Keith e_d_k at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 2 13:56:56 UTC 2013

I am importing documents from LibraOffice. I was trying to use styles to reformat it, when I figured out that it did not matter how I set my paragraph styles because all the text properties seem to be overridden. For now I have set the text properties in the story editor by selecting all the text I want to make a given style and setting the text properties to what I want that style to be. This is working, but is is unsatisfactory, since changing the styles has no effect, I need to reformat each bit of text individually as a special case. 

Is there some way I can remove all the formatting from a frame then add back in the few places where I want individual words or phrases to be bold or italic, but if I change the font used in the paragraph style the change will show up in the document? 

Thanks for any help,


Ed Keith
e_d_k at yahoo.com
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