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> John Culleton said
> > RPG has other meanings such as Report Program Generator. A
> > few of us are old enough to have written programs in that
> > late and mostly unlamented programming language. As for my
> > error I plead age and incipient senility as an excuse. You
> > are right of course.
> You and me must be of similar vintages. I studied COBOL and
> RPG7 on a course at Control Data in Leeds in early 1983. Last
> time I checked wikipedia RPG was still listed and still in
> use. It was popular in my day for people who wanted to write a
> quick off the shelf programme for a minor project. After all
> all you had to do was fill in a few form pages setting out the
> structure of the input data, the processing you wanted to
> happen to that data and the structure of the output data.
> Ivan Winters
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My work as a programmer began in 1968 on an IBM 360/40, using
COBOL. RPG was the language of choice on the 1401, the 360-20
and later on the AS400. It was designed to be easily understood
by those who started out on IBM EAM (Electronic Accounting
Machines.) I finally found myself condemned to using RPG the
language when I retired from Federal Service and went to work in
a State of Maryland AS 400 shop in about 1986 or so. They had a
COBOL compiler but I was the only one that used it. 

Going back to the original topic I found that my favorite
non-LSI and non-Createspace printer, 360 Digital Books, would
accept PDF/X-3 but still preferred PDF X/1a. So I will still use
my trick of over-saturating photos on gimp first to make them
colorful enough on Scribus CMYK output. 

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