[scribus] text styles in footnotes (1.5.0svn)

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Wed Oct 16 07:18:17 UTC 2013

Le 15/10/2013 19:09, Gregory Pittman a écrit :
> Rather than increasingly fragment, it would make more sense I think to
> have footnote styles be determined where other text styles are
> created/edited. It might even be worth having a Default Footnote Style
> that can be determined in Preferences.

Yes sure. That specialised "Note styles" entry is counter-logical
I guess that's what you mean with "fragment".

According to me, notes styles would be better of having a new
dedicated button and pane in the "edit style" dialog (F3).

And so could "frames" too, some time in the future ?

> I'm posting this to try to generate some feedback, not only from the
> Scribus team, on the direction that this should go by some consensus.

As with fighting against fragmentation, there is a patch allmost ready :
the "unit loader"'s patch that fusions various image frames entries
into one single smart "import image" entry :
It makes UI more simple and provides a more efficient use of scribus.


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