[scribus] 1.5.0svn on holiday

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sat Oct 5 13:09:19 UTC 2013

On 10/05/2013 07:12 AM, ZASKE Martin wrote:
> Thank you to those who answered on-list and off-list.
> Seeing what you told me, I will move on to other holiday activities. But
> I will follow the developments of qt with my distro of choice (OpenSuse)
> and I will try again, when the timing is better. This might fall into my
> next stay in Europe, then slow internet will also not be a problem.  :)
> I would still like to just "see" the 1.5.0. So if anybody has an answer
> to how I can parallel-install the stable package and the KDE development
> package, even still based on qt4, I would gladly have a go at that.
> (I have always appreciated the fact, that the provided installers for
> Windows allow this: install several versions in their own folders
> respectively. If there is a windows version of 1.5.0, I have not been
> able to find it. But I fully understand if they do not exist. Would just
> be sad to miss them, if they have been done by somebody.)

I wonder if we might be able to make some snapshots of 1.5.0 compiled
with qt5 for selected OSes/distros -- perhaps 32-bit Windows and OS X,
plus maybe Ubuntu. Maybe a couple of times a month?

What you need is available for Fedora 19 pretty easily:


I'm even getting updates of the various qt5 packages from fedora's


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