[scribus] Scribus cloud service?

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Mon Nov 18 06:44:26 UTC 2013

hi jan,

> I'm not exactly sure but I think what you mean is some form of CMS
> i.e. something that stores resources (text, images and layout
> settings) in a manner that can be imported into scribus via HTTP (or
> some other form of network protocol).
> Discussions about some form of CMS has popped up here and I personally
> think support for CMS could be built quite easily into scribus if
> frames supported some form of REST protocol (i.e. use the standard
> HTTP verbs and content headers to pull in data). Implementing
> something like this is moderately easy (and probably QT has some form
> of HTTP support). Trouble is that scribus doesn't really use semantic
> data but stores data together with the layout information. While this
> is something just about every DTP program does, one would need to
> carefully think about how and where layout changes for a frame are
> stored. The same goes for the resizing of images to some extend.
> Personally I think being able to link scribus with a CMS via a
> standardised "protocol" would be absolutely awesome. And would also
> make a lot of of sense from a workflow perspective because most
> content that ends up in print most definitely ends up on the web
> somewhere. It would also make the life of authors and designers quite
> a bit easier. If text is in scribus and needs to be changed there is
> no non annoying way to change it without either re-importing and
> formatting it or getting an author to use scribus (which most don't
> seem to like).

i'm working on a couple of smaller projects that aim to achieve
something similar through a set of tools that can "talk together".

scribus would be one of those tools.

the two main projects i'm currently (well, as soon as i have fully
recovered from moving to a new flat i will get back to it) working on

- a markdown importer (and then exporter) for scribus text frames
- a command line tool that can read (and then write) .sla 1.5 files
  (and then run scripts on them or interact with specialized tools)

both are still in their beginnings.
the github repositories are up and there is code in there[1].
the next step is to create a website explaining a bit what i'm doing.
then, i'll be back to coding.

help and collaborations are welcome, but the whole project being in its
infancy, it's not easy to tell what kind of support i can use.


[1] https://github.com/impagina/core/tree/read_sla

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